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Search portlet counts assets although user does not have access to them



      1. Create a site (Test Site)
      2. Create folder "unrestricted folder 1" in the Documents & Media (viewable by Site Members)
      3. Create file "unrestricted file 1" in "unrestricted folder 1" (viewable by Site Members)
      4. Create folder "restricted folder" in the "unrestricted folder 1" folder (not viewable by Site Members, set it viewable by owner only)
      5. Create file "restricted file 1" in the folder "restricted folder", set permissions so this is only viewable by owner only)
      6. Create folder "unrestricted folder 2 inside a restricted folder" in the "restricted folder" folder (set it viewable by Site Members)
      7. Create file "unrestricted file 2 " in "unrestricted folder 2" (viewable by Site Members)
      8. Now search for "file" by a non-admin Site Member will return 1 result (unrestricted file 1), but the asset type facet will show 2 (incorrectly counts: "unrestricted file 2" )

      The unrestricted folder 2 is inside the restricted folder (which is restricted to the owner) so the non admin site member should not have any of those assets (unrestricted file2) included in his search. The only file that appears when we do the search is the unrestricted file 1, yet the left hand side shows 2 assets for the document library as you can see in the attached screen shot. The desired goal would be that the left-hand asset count would match which files are actually made available to the user.


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