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Unable to click on the close icon after Searching in a Repository



      After searching in the Repository of the Documents and Media portlet, the User is unable to click on the close icon to remove the current search results.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Navigate to Control Panel > Server Administration > External Services
      2) Flag Enabled under 'Enabling OpenOffice integration provides document conversion on functionality.'
      3) Click Save
      2) Add a page: Documents and Media
      2) Add Documents and Media portlet
      3) Add a Repository connected to Alfresco
      4) Upload a Basic Document to the Repository
      5) Enter 'document' in the Search field
      6) Click 'X' (Close icon)

      FAIL - The system does not clear the Search field nor does it redirect the User to back to its prior state

      This issue occurs when the User is searching within the Repository. If the User is searching in Root (Ex. Home) it will work correctly as intended.


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