Though currently we no longer have any portlet that puts multiple input-permissions tag into the same form (and on 6.0.x the one that does uses a specialized javascript to post it to the server), since it is a tag-lib, any developer could choose to place multiple instances on the same page in the same form specifying different model names for the tags. The current implementation does not account for this and would create the checkboxes with the same name making it impossible on the server side to separate the permissions by model.

      The proposed solution would suffix the class name to the names of input tags only if the tag is not the first within the scope. This means that for the first tags the names would still be "groupPermissions" and "guestPermissions" respectively.

      Currently ServiceContextFactory automatically populates the appropriate attributes of the service context from the request. The suggested solution enhances ServiceContextFactory to be able to query the right parameters from the request when called with a class name. The default methods would still use the "bare" parameters (i.e. without the class name suffix) so current implementations that place only tag on the page and doesn't call ServiceContextFactory with a class name are still supported.

      Input permission tags placed without a model name should not be affected, since it doesn't make sense to put more than one of those in the same scope.


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