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Two instances of document library displays have wrong javascript behaviour with the collapsibles elements.



      When there are two or more instances of the document and media display portlet in the same page, the collapsible elements of them don't work well. It seems that they have the same id's elements, and it breaks the usual behaviour of collapsing/expanding.

      Steps to reproduce:

      Create AFolder on root folder
      Create A1Folder on AFolder
      Create documentA A1d on AFolder

      Create BFolder on root folder
      Create B1Folder on BFolder
      Create documentB B1d on BFolder

      Create a new page called "displays" or another name
      Add a "document ands media display portlet" to the page
      Configure the viewer to see AFolder

      Add another "documents and media display portlet" to the same page
      Configure the second viewer to see BFolder

      Enter in AFolder and return back.

      At this point, the collapsables divs of "documents" and "folders" doesn't work.


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