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Social Networking's RSS links in Activities portlet produces broken links



      Social Networking EE plugin's Activities Portlet produces broken links to friends' public pages in both the portlet as well as the RSS feed preview.

      STEPS TO REPRODUCE (Reproduced in IE9 and Firefox 15.0.1's RSS preview)
      1. Start up Server, log in with test@liferay.com
      2. Go into the Marketplace Home (e.g. Add > More... > Install More Applications)
      3. Go into the EE Marketplace and grab Social Networking EE
      4. Download Social Networking EE Portlet and add to hot deploy folder
      5. Go back into the Control Panel and add a user (e.g. user@liferay.com)
      6. Go into test@liferay.com's public page (http://localhost:8080/web/test/home)
      7. Add the following portlets: a. Summary; b. Activities; c. Friends; and d. Requests.
      8. Log out as test@liferay.com
      9. Log in as user@liferay.com
      10. Go to test@liferay.com's public page at http://localhost:8080/web/test/home
      11. Click Add As Friend under the Summary Portlet
      12. Log out as user@liferay.com
      13. Log in as test@liferay.com
      14. Go into test@liferay.com's public page (http://localhost:8080/web/test/home)
      15. Under the Request portlet, click Confirm.
      16. On the same page, in the Activities portlet, click on "Subscribe to User User's activities." This link will direct you to a new window requesting an RSS subscription. Click on the link (this step may vary based on browser, but this test was performed on IE9. At any rate, the RSS preview page will show up.)
      17. Click on the first link (e.g. "Test Test and User User are now friends.")
      In my case: http://localhost:8080/web/test/friends

      The link will direct me to Test Test's public page, namely information about friends.

      The link directs me to a "Not Found - The requested resource was not found" page.




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