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Scheduled Jobs are re-triggered when a node joins the cluster



      When deploying a portlet with a scheduled job with simple trigger - the scheduled job is ran again when another node with the same portlet joins the cluster.

      Steps to reproduce
      1) Create a simple scheduled job test portlet set to trigger every minute.
      2) Startup Node 1, portlet fires.
      3) Startup Node 2, job is fired again on Node 1.
      4) Restart Node 2, Node 1 has the job fired again.
      5) The job will not fire again until the next scheduled time

      Expected Results
      When another node joins with the scheduled job portlet joins the cluster, the node running the job will not re-trigger the job.

      Actual Results
      Each time another node with the portlet joins the cluster, the node running the job will be triggered.

      Root reason:
      Memory job is triggered every time you start portal.
      When enable cluster, the start process of slave node will try to schedule same memory jobs as master node, and it will send notification in cluster to let other nodes know a new job is triggered, then it seems that job is re-triggered.

      Stop slave node send notification to other nodes before it is fully started. We suppose that every activity in slave node before it is full started or after it is closed should not affect other nodes in cluster.

      See LPS-26124, it fixed the same issue in undeploy process.


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