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DDL Form Portlet is not displaying attachment that is uploaded ; DDL display portlet Works Correctly



      Dynamic Data list plugins has two portlets when it is deployed (dynamic data list form & dynamic data list display). When utilizing the dynamic data list form portlet, attachments uploaded there are not see in the data list display portlet. However, if you directly add an entry in the dynamic data list display portlet including an attachment, then it will display properly. Look at the screen shot for a visual of the bug.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Create a data list in control panel by selecting To Do data definition.
      2. Add a page and drop the DDL form portlet. Configure the form to use the To Do data list. Fill the form and submit the data.
      3. Add a separate page, drop the DDL display portlet. Configure to get data from To Do list. Add one record and submit data.
      4. no data is shown when uploading attachment is done via DDL form list.
      5. Uploaded attachment entered via DDL display portlet works just fine.


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