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Web Content > Display Page should not allow dragging.



      As a Portal Admin, I DO NOT want the ability to drag page nodes under Web Content > Display Page, so I am UNABLE to manipulate the Portal navigation.

      • I should only be able to click pages to select them.
      • I should not be able to drag pages.
      • I should not be able to manipulate the Portal navigation.

      Replication Steps:

      1. Create a new page named AP.
      2. Add an Asset Publisher portlet to the page.
      3. Edit the Configuration of the Asset Publisher portlet.
      4. Under: The Display Settings section, check the option Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page.
      5. Click Save and close the dialog.
      6. Create a new page named WC.
      7. Add a Web Content Display portlet to the WC page.
      8. On the Web Content Display portlet, click Add > Display Page > Select.
      9. Try to drag a page item around (order, nesting). (Undesired)
      10. Try to select a page by clicking a page item. (Desired)




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