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Notifications from Message Board subscriptions do not provide the correct link when "redirect.url.security.mode=domain" is enabled



      The user has an environment where they have two domains hooked up via an Apache server to the same Liferay instance (i.e. test1.local.domain and test2.local.domain). After adding 'redirect.url.security.mode=domain' , if the user is subscribed and receives email notifications from the Message Board, they will get an email that has an incorrect link. In this example, we receive the following link: "Message Boards https://localhost/-/message_boards/view_message/10945 https://test1.local.domain" or "Message Boards https://localhost/-/message_boards/view_message/10945 https://test2.local.domain" depending on whether we point our browsers to test1.local.domain or test2.local.domain.

      STEPS TO REPRODUCE (Please note that this issue will replicate without the Apache server noted below
      1. For the system containing the application server housing Liferay, edit the HOSTS file to route all requests to an Apache server (located at as follows: test1.local.domain test2.local.domain
      2. Route the Apache server to the system housing my Liferay instance (located at at port 8009
      3. Start up the Apache server
      4. Add the redirect.url.security.mode=domain property into portal-ext.properties
      5. Start up Liferay (and access it in your browser using either test1.local.domain or test2.local.domain to connect to it)
      6. Add POP and SMTP servers (I used my GMail account for testing purposes)
      7. Change user's email account to one that can receive emails (test@liferay might need to be changed to a working email address)
      8. Add Message Board portlet
      9. Add a Thread with title TEST and add text TEST, then subscribe to it
      10. Type a reply to this thread
      11. Check notification email from Liferay instance

      Expected Results
      The notification email will have the message board reply text, and a link that functions, linking the user to the message board page from the virtual host that they came from.

      Actual Results
      The notification email will read "Message Boards https://localhost/-/message_boards/view_message/10945 https://test1.local.domain"


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