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Managing content that belongs to a page scope from staging does not work as expected


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      When activating staging a site administrator can determine for which portlets' content staging will be enabled. When managing content from staging the portlets for which staging is not enabled will display the content from live and a nice message will inform administrators of that fact.

      However when the content belongs to a page scope, the settings are not respected and all portlets are considered to have staging enabled. Because of this any content created is created in staging.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Create a site
      2) Enable staging for some portlets but not others. For example, enable it for Blogs but not for Documents & Media.
      3) Go to staging. Create a page and add the Documents & Media portlet and the blogs portlet. A message is shown in the latter informing that the content displayed is from live.
      4) Create a second page equal to the previous one and in this one, click configuration for the D&M portlet, go to scope and configure it to use the scope of the current page.
      PROBLEM #1: the portlet still displays the D&M content from the default scope in live. Making changes will make them to that scope.
      5) Publish to live. After doing this operation, problem #1 goes away. The D&M portlet in staging is now showing the data in the right scope (from live since staging is disabled for this portlet)
      6) Got to Dockbar > Manage Content select the scope of the current page and go to "Documents & Media".
      PROBLEM #2: It will display the content of staging even if it should be showing the one in Live




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