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Pictures uploaded for the user image can stretch the dockbar



      Uploading a user image that is "tall and skinny" will vertically stretch the dockbar. Depending on how tall and skinny it is, the dockbar could take up the entire screen. The image above the "User Information" menu can also become very long and push all of the menu options further down on the page.

      Using the properties users.image.max.height and users.image.max.width does not help because the issue is caused by the aspect ratio and not the actual dimensions.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1: Go to "My Account" in the Control Panel
      3: Upload an image that is 100 pixels wide and MORE THAN 120 pixels tall (100x500 works good, use 10x500 for an extreme example).
      4: Save
      5. Refresh the page

      Result The dockbar will be vertically stretched and the image in the user information is also very long.

      End Goal
      Limit the height of the image in the dockbar and user information section. You can refer to the comment below for suggestions on updating the portal properties description and the upload prompt because some confusion has occurred since they are not completely clear on describing what is happening.


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