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As a portal administrator I can define a role that gives users the permission to administer all the sites in the portal



      Right now only the portal wide Administrator can manage all the sites by going to Control Panel > Portal > Sites. For all other users, that portlet only shows the sites that the users is member of.

      The goal of this improvement is to leverage the permission system, so that if a user gets through a role VIEW permission in all Sites, then the Sites administration portlet will allow seeing them all and administer those he has permissions to do it.

      Previously, even if you added the "view" permission over all sites of the portal, the user needed to be a member of each site. After this story, you can see the full list of sites (even if you are not a member of them) and manage all the sites from that point. For example, you can add a role permissions to "view" sites, "access in control panel" and "manage pages" and all users with that role will be able to manage pages of all sites of the portal.


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