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Site/page templates, changes in layout template doesn't propagate



      1) On the control panel add a new page template Test Page Template.
      2) Edit the page template (By the link "Open Page Template").

      • Set the layout to 1 column (Manage/Page Layout).
      • Add two portlets, for instance Hello velocity and Hello World.

      3) Go back to control panel "Site Templates" and add Test Site Template.
      4) Give it a name, uncheck the checkbox that says 'Allow Site Administrators...'
      5) Save and go to the "Open site template" link.
      6) From the dockbar use "Add/Page" (eg. Test Page) and choose Test Page Template as a template. Choose Test Page.
      7) From the action menu, "Manage/Page"; choose the newly added page template and ensure that "Automatically apply changes..." is checked.

      8) Portal / Sites

      • Add / Choose your newly created site template from the drop down menu
      • Give the site a name (Test Site)
      • Leave the checkboxes checked, click Save (on the right)

      9) Access the newly added page, click "Open public pages".

      • Choose the page "Test Page" in navigation
      • You should see the two portlets (hello velocity and hello world) in a 1-column layout: one on top of the other.

      So far so good, what we've done now is a create a page who's content and layout is decided by a page template.
      Now we're going to change the template and watch the problem manifest itself.

      10) In a new tab or window, go into control panel / Page templates. Choose the page template you created earlier (Test Page Template).
      11) Click the "open page template"
      12) Manage / Page Layout

      • Choose "3 Columns"
      • Drag the "Hello Velocity" portlet to the column on the right (third column)

      13) Access the page

      You will notice that the Hello Velocity portlet doesn't show. That is because the default (original) layout template is being used by the site template. That probably means 2-column layout, which is the default. Not the one you just configured, which was a 3-column layout with the Hello Velocity portlet in the third column. That doesn't exist on the page.

      However the correct layout template is used when configuring the page template. That enables you to drag a portlet into a column that is never used on the page.


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