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Wiki page not returned in search results when View permissions are assigned via a team



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Launch a clean bundle
      2. Go to Control Panel -> Users and Organizations
      3. Create a new user [email protected]
      4. Go to Site Memberships
      5. Add the new user to the liferay.com site
      6. Create a team called Team Test
      7. Assign the new user to this team
      8. Go back to web/guest/home
      9. Add the Wiki portlet
      10. Click on All Pages, Add Page
      11. Create a page titled Test Page
      12. Publish the page
      13. Click on the page Actions and select Permissions
      14. Leave the Owner permissions
      15. Remove all other permissions
      16. Grant View permission for Team Test
      17. Click Save
      18. Logout of Test and login as [email protected]
      19. In the Wiki portlet click on All Pages
      20. Click on Test Page and verify you can view it
      21. Search for Test Page in the wiki search bar

      Intended Behavior: the Test Page would return in the search results
      Actual Behavior: the Test Page does not return in the search results

      Additional Testing: the Test Page returns in search results when assigning view permissions directly to the user


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                  Version Package
                  6.1.2 CE GA3
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