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When permissions.view.dynamic.inheritance=true, Wiki node permission should be considered during search



      Make sure LPS-31332 is included in branch before testing.

      Steps to reproduce

      Set permissions.view.dynamic.inheritance=true (it is true by default)

      1. Fresh bundle of GA2
      2. Create 2 community sites(Site1 and Site2) with Member type:Private - Pages: copy as private
      3. Create 1 user: test1 - set password, assign to Site1
      4. Navigate to the Site 1 wiki page, edit wiki to display "Site 1 Wiki Front Page"
      5. Verify that guest "view" permissions of the wiki page are not selected. (Details -> Permissions)
      6. Navigate to the Site 2 wiki page, edit wiki to display "Site 2 Wiki Front Page"
      7. Verify that guest "view" permissions of the wiki page are selected. (Details -> Permissions)
      8. Make sure Wiki Node guest "view" permission is unchecked for Site 2 (control panel -> site2 -> wiki, default node is called "Main")
      9. Login as test1
      10. Verify that site 1 is available and navigate to site. (use link if it fails to show up in 'Go to': /user/site1/home)
      11. Use search portlet and search for "wiki" under "everything"
      12. Results will show site 1 content and guest content from site 2.
      13. Clicking on site 2 result will throw a PrincipalException.

      (If you didn't test with LPS-31332 then clicking site 2 will return "resource not found")

      Actual Results
      The content from site 2 shows up in the search results.

      Expected results
      The user should not be able to see the wiki from site 2 in the search result because it should consider the guest "view" permission from the Wiki node.


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