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Creating a new template while editing a web content is not reflected in the template list


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login as an Admin
      2. Go to Control Panel > Web Content
      3. Add an structure named "Structure1" with one field (type=text, name=textfield)
      4. Add a new Web Content based on Structure1. At the top of the edit web content form the name of the structure (Structure 1) is displayed and "Template:" is followed by "None".
      5. Click in the Select link next to the structure name at the top of the edit web content form. A dialog with the list of the available structures is displayed.
      6. Click the actions button of Structure1 and select Manage Templates
      7. Add a new template named "Template1" with the code $textfield.getData(). Click save and close the Structures dialog.

      At the top of the edit web content form, Template is still followed by "None", instead of by the name of the new created template (Template1).

      Repeat the previous steps from 4 to 7, but using "Template2" as name. The new template will not be displayed in the template list at the edit web content form. Any other change (update a template name, delete a template) is not reflected, either.




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