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User can click online buddy but it will not open a Chat Window until the first Poller receive request


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      Chat Portlet has been deployed.

      Foo is any user.
      Bar is any user.
      Foo and Bar are buddies && are both logged in.
      Foo tries to open a new chat with Bar by clicking on his Name in the Chat Portlet buddy panel immediately after refreshing a page.
      Foo is unable to open a chat window until Liferay has received at least one Poller request containing his buddy list.

      This is not exactly a bug, however we can improve the user experience. If you go to that (in)famous site created by Mark Z. and refresh the page, it takes a few moments for you to be able to chat with your friends. This is because the front end needs to first to receive a response from the backend on who is actually available for chat.

      The "fix" for this ticket will be improving the UX by adding a loading indicator on the page load if the Online Friends Panel is "selected" and adding a grey-ed out style to the list of online buddies until the initial response event has finished.


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