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As a registered user I can subscribe to a list of content published through Asset Publisher



      The goal of this feature is to extend the capabilities of the Asset Publisher portlet to allow end users to subscribe to changes in an specific asset publisher instance. The required features are described below:

      • Users subscribed will receive an email notification whenever a new content is added to the list.
      • In order to support dynamic lists of assets, the notification system will use an scheduler that will execute the process that checks for changes in the list of assets. The periodicity of the process will be configurable through the portal properties files.
      • The notification process will store the date when a notification was last done and in for the next notification it will retrieve a list of new assets published within the portlet instance that have been created since that date. If any new assets are found, they will be retrieved and used to generate an email to the subscribed users.
      • The emails will be configurable using a template that is stored in the file system, in a way
        consistent with all other email notifications in Liferay.
      • In order to prevent performance issues, the notification process will have an upper limit in the number of assets to retrieve from the list. This upper limit will be configurable through the portal properties files.


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