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Mobile Device Rule set to recognize Android OS gives false positive for Safari browser



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Launch a clean bundle of Liferay
      2. Deploy the Device Recognition Portlet (wurfl-web)
      3. Create a page title Test
      4. Go to the Control Panel and Mobile Device Rules
      5. Create a new mobile device group called Android Test
      6. Click Manage Rules and create a new mobile device rule called Android Test
      7. Edit the rule and set the rule type to simple, the OS to Android, and the Tablet to Any
      8. Add the Android Test mobile device rule to the Test page
      9. Click on Actions and Manage Actions for the Android Test mobile device rule
      10. Create an action titled gotoOrange
      11. Define the action as a Theme Modification
      12. Keep the classic theme but change the color scheme to orange
      13. Click Save
      14. View the Test page in Firefox, IE or Chrome and verify that the default color scheme is blue
      15. Launch Safari and view the Test page

      Intended Result: the page would be the default color scheme of blue
      Actual Result: the page has the orange color scheme




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              10 years, 20 weeks ago


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                6.1.20 EE GA2