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As a portal administrator I can filter the visible set of users in the Chat portlet


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      The goal of this story is to introduce additional options to allow filtering the users that can be found by a particular user in the Chat portlet.

      How to test this feature:

      1. Log in as a portal admin.
      2. Add two sites: "Development" and "Management".
      3. Add three users: A, B and C. Make them all members of the default site "Liferay.com". Besides, make A member of "Development" and B and C members of "Management".
      4. Edit the portlet.properties file of the chat portlet, located under WEB-INF/classes
      5. Add "sites" to the buddy list strategy. For example, if the existing strategy is "friends" and it wants to be preserved, "friends,sites" should be used.


      6. Set the list of site names which users want to be excluded from the buddy list. The site name is the value of the column "name" for the table "Group". It must be written in the same letter case as in the database. For the default site "Liferay.com" the site name is "guest".


      7. Deploy the chat portlet.

      8. Login as A, B and C in different browsers and check the buddy list in the chat portlet:

      • A cannot see B and C
      • B and C cannot see A
      • B and C can see each other

      Thus, despite A, B and C are all members of "Liferay.com", they are not visible in the chat list through this membership, because the site has been excluded from the list. Only members of the same non-excluded sites are visible.


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