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Repeatable Fields Displays Copied Data from Original Fields


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      Editing a repeatable field Web Content from the WCD portlet shows copied information from its parent field.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a structure
        • Make sure the field added is repeatable
          • (e.g. Add two repeatable Text fields, naming them "Head" and "Subtitle" in their 'Field Label' and 'Name' fields.)
      1. Add a template based on the structure
        • (to match the template with the above structure, copy this into the script editor in the Velocity language setting:
          <div> <h1>$head.getData()</h1>
      2. Add a web content based on the structure/template
      3. Repeat the fields two additional times (total 3 instances of each field)
        • Input some ascending values into the repeated fields (e.g. test1, test2, test3)
      4. Add a web content display portlet to the welcome page
      5. Select the web content to be displayed

      Only the original fields display in the WCD, and when editing the web content from WCD, the repeated fields all have information copied from the original fields (see attached screenshot). No console exceptions occurred.


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