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Web Contents are not getting published from Staging to Remote server after Database Upgrade



      Web content created in 5.2 sp3 and upgraded to 6.1.2 that contains links to documents and images will have broken links and images on the remote server after its been published.


      1) Setup two bundles of Liferay 5.2 sp3 for staging and remote
      2) Create organization in staging and remote and both must have different organization id
      3) Upload 1 document and 1 image in staging organization
      4) Add web content display to organization page in staging server and create web content in staging server with below steps
      From FCK Editor
      i) Add text and make it a link to the document
      ii)Add image below document
      5) Upgrade both servers to 6.1.2.
      6) Change permissions algorithms from 5 to 6 for both servers after upgrade.
      7) Enable staging on organization in staging server and publish the organization to remote.
      8) Once the page is published, verify the page in remote server.
      9) Result: image will be blank and document link wont work

      Source of the web content will look like below

      In Liferay5 it looks like this:
      <p> <a href="/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=f23a4ed8-b9b1-40f0-87bd-d245e01c94d8&groupId=10432">document link</a>
      <p> <img alt="" src="/image/image_gallery?uuid=3fb2d3bf-f14a-440c-a9ac-248b4976784c&groupId=10432&t=1358320224605" style="width: 1024px; height: 768px;" /></p>

      After the upgrade to 6.1.2, the format does not change to the Liferay 6 format which is supposed to be;
      <p> <a href="/documents/10432/10700/test.docx/f23a4ed8-b9b1-40f0-87bd-d245e01c94d8">document link</a>
      <p> <img alt="" src="/documents/10432/10700/Penguins.jpg/6e515091-be45-4641-b38c-df9498303923?t=1358320224605" style="width: 1024px; height: 768px;" /></p>

      -Issue exists in 6.1.x
      -I was only able to reproduce the issue after upgrading and publishing between 2 different servers. Publishing between 2 orgs on the same instance did not appear to reproduce the issue, though this may have been due to browser caching being able to show me the image in the published web content display.




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