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Would like a feature in kaleo workflow to "approve" when one desires to "un-expire" or re-add webcontent that has been expired



      Would like an Improvement so that Kaleo Workflow enables the "approval" feature when a user desires to "un-expire" or re-add webcontent that has been expired.

      If one requires approval to Expire, one should also have the option to require approval when "un-expiring."

      For testing purposes, consider the following scenario and description:

      • Ensure that kaleo-web is deployed
      • Go to the 'Control Panel'
      • Create a new site
      • Enable workflow for web content in the site
      • Add the 'Web Content Display' portlet to a page.
      • Click the 'Add' button of the portlet to add a web content, fill out the fields and click 'Submit for Publication'
      • Open 'My Workflow Tasks'
      • Assign the task for the new content to yourself and approve it.
      • Click the 'Edit' button of the 'Web Content Display' portlet and go into the history and expire the content.

      The change is visible immediately.

      This is contrary to when you "unexpire" a web content by opening the web content in edit mode via the Control Panel. Here the user is presented with a 'Submit for Publication' button.


      The expected behavior is that expiration of a web content also requires approval, to avoid that editors do not publish content without prior approval.




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