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URL changes from a user's customized user group page to the user's private page after interacting with the Announcement portlet on the page


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      Steps to reproduce / testing done:

      1. Build a clean bundle.
      2. Login as the admin user test@liferay.com .
      3. Navigate to Control Panel-> User Groups.
      4. Create a user group called "myUserGroup".
      5. Once created, go to Actions-> Manage Site Pages
      6. Then go to Private Pages.
      7. Create a private page called "MyPrivatePage".
      8. Note the Friendly URL is something like http://localhost:8080/group/10426/MyPrivatePage
      9. Go to "Customization settings" and enable both columns.
      10. Go to Actions -> Assign Members. Assign the admin account (test@liferay.com) to the user group "myUserGroup".
      11. Enter the friendly URL for this page into the address bar
      12. Add the Announcements portlet to the page
        • by using the friendly URL and adding the portlet we are ensuring this portlet is added for all users who view the page
      13. Click on Manage Entries
      14. Select the Distributed Scope as myUserGroup and click Add Entry
      15. Set the title and body of the announcement as "This is an announcement" and leave all other defaults
      16. Go to the upper-right site selector drop down and select: -> My Private Pages
      17. Go to private page created in step 6, "MyPrivatePage". URL will change to something similar to http://localhost:8080/group/test/~/10426/myprivatepage
        • this is the user's customized page and not the default MyUserGroup page
      18. Click on Mark as Read
      19. Now click on Entries or Manage Entries

      Intended Result: the URL would stay on the user's customized page
      Actual Result: the URL changes


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