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After adding a layout property, access to public page link is removed and caues incorrect back URL from control-panel returing to User Public Page



      1. Add the following to portal-ext.properties. This causes the link "My Public Pages" to disappear.

      Set whether or not public layouts should be auto created if a user has no public layouts

      2. Start the server. Notice that there is no "My Public Pages" link in the drop-down menu in the Dock.
      3. Go to Control Panel > User Groups. Create a new user group.
      4. Go to Actions > Manage Site Pages. Add a page in the user group named 'Public Page'.
      5. Go to Control Panel > Users and Organizations. Add a new user.
      6. Go to Control Panel > User Groups. Click Actions > Assign Members. Assign the new user to the user group.
      7. Go back and click Actions > Go to Site's Public Pages.
      8. A new tab will be opened with the user group page and the URL will be similar to 'http://localhost:8080/web/12434/public-page' (Copy and paste your URL to use for the next step).
      9. Change the URL to 'http://localhost:8080/web/NEW_USER_NAME/~/GROUP_NUMBER/public-page' to access the public page of the new user you created (since we don't have any other way to access the public page of the user)
      10. The user's public page for the user group is displayed.
      11. Now click on Go To > Control Panel
      12. You can click on the "Back to..." link and go back to the page of the new user.
      13. Again click on Go To > Control Panel.
      14. Now click on some other links in Control Panel like Users & Organizations, Sites, Portal Settings, etc.
      14) Now if you look at the "Back to ..." link it takes you to the user group page instead of the public page of the new user.


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