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Unable to complete an upgrade using sharding because it tries to upgrade the Quartz tables in all the shards


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      This is only reproducible if you try an upgrade from 6.0.11 (or below) to 6.0.12 (or above)

      Steps to reproduce it:
      1- Startup Liferay portal 6.0 SP1 using sharding
      2- Create at least 2 virtual host
      3- Upgrade to 6.1GA2 using the changes of the issue LPS-31817 (it didn't caused the problem, it just brought it to light)

      The following exception is thrown:
      16:04:29,314 INFO [pool-2-thread-1][UpgradeProcess:175] Upgrading com.liferay.portal.upgrade.v6_0_12.UpgradeScheduler
      16:04:29,406 ERROR [pool-2-thread-1][MainServlet:217] java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904: "STATE_": invalid identifier java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904: "STATE_": invalid identifier

      The problem is that the portal is trying to upgrade the Quartz tables in all the shards but it's only necessary in the shard by default.

      Execute the following query in all the shards except for the shard by default before performing the upgrade:
      CREATE TABLE quartz_job_details (
      JOB_NAME varchar(200) NOT NULL,
      JOB_GROUP varchar(200) NOT NULL,
      JOB_DATA longblob

      (Mysql syntax, adapt it to yours)


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