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When a User Group joins a community, the users in that group do not receive email notifications when a new announcement is made



      1. Description

      The two "indirect members of group "Test Group" are not receiving email notifications from the Announcement portlet when they should as they are part of the Community.

      2. Steps to Reproduce/Testing done

      Prerequisite: Configure Mail notification via Server Admin in Gui.

      1. Create 5 users in Liferay out of which one should be portal administrator and 4 normal users. And for all of these 4 normal users go to their profile and on right hand side click on "Announcements" link and there for type "General" check email for all the users.
      2. Create a group say "Test Group" and add two users out of those 4 normal users (normal users and not admin) to this group.
      3. Create a community say "Test Comm" and add rest two users out of those 4 normal users (normal users and not admin) to this community. Also add that group "Test Group" as member of this community as well.
      4. Now in this community "Test Comm" create a page and put "Announcement Portlet" on this page.
      5. In Announcement Portlet click on "Manage Entries" button and the select distribution scope Community "Test Comm", then click "Add Entry" and enter "Title" , "Content" and in type select "General" and save it.
      Now all 4 normal users (2 direct users and 2 indirect users) should get email notification for this announcement. However only direct users are getting email notification.


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