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"Entry could not be found" message after replying to a blog post on a User Group private page


    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: No Longer Reproducible
    • 6.1.20 EE GA2
    • 6.1.30 EE GA3, 6.2.0 CE M5
    • None
    • Liferay Version: 6.1 GA 2
      Operating System: Windows 7
      Application Server: Tomcat 7.0.X
      Java Virtual Machine: Java 6
      Database: MySQL 5.5


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Install liferay-hotfix-1070-6110.zip on a clean 6.1.10 bundle
      2. Login as the admin user [email protected]
      3. Control Panel->create a user group called "myUserGroup"
      4. Go to Actions -> Assign Members. Assign the admin account ([email protected]) to the user group "myUserGroup"
      5. Click Back to view the myUserGroup
      6. Go to Actions-> Manage Site Pages
      7. Click on Private Pages
      8. Create a private page called "MyPrivatePage"
      9. Go to "Customization settings" and enable both columns.
      10. Go to the upper right drop down menu and select: -> My Private Pages.
      11. Go to private page created in step 5, "MyPrivatePage"
      12. Go to user's page which has (user screenname/~/user group id/page name)
      13. Add the blog portlet
      14. Add blog entry and click Publish
      15. Click on blog title and click on "be the first" to reply
      16. Add a comment and click Reply

      Intended Result: the comment would publish to the blog entry.
      Actual Result: an "Entry could not be found" error message is displayed.




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              10 years, 15 weeks, 3 days ago


                Version Package
                6.1.30 EE GA3
                6.2.0 CE M5