Reproduced in 6.1.x
      This problem also affects trunk, but a pre-existing "unable to parse SASS on CSS" error on trunk hides the error message.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add a Dynamic Data List Display portlet to a page.
      2. Select a list to display in the portlet.
      3. Add a few records to the list.
      4. Choose Options --> Export/Import from the actions menu of the portlet
      5. Under the Export tab, check only Data and choose the Range All
      6. Click the Export button and Save the lar file
      7. Create a new site, add a page, and add the DDL Display portlet.
      8. Import the .lar.

      When I import only Data, from a Data only exported lar file I get the following;

      • choosing either Miror or Mirror with overwriting, gives me a successful message on the import but the portlet displays "No records were found"

      In Trunk, DDL fields are not populated when adding new records.

      Choosing either Mirror or Mirror with overwriting, the data is not imported because:
      A. The file,[exportRecordSet()] does not export the actual DDL record entries to the export file.
      It does export the recordSetElement, and that object has a pointer to the records through the <__recordSetId> tag.
      But, the actual records themselves are not added to the file.
      B. The file,[importRecordSet()] does not attempt to import DDL recentries from the export file.
      It does import the structure associated with this recordSet, but it doesn't attempt to add individual records.
      C. Therefore, the structure is imported, but the data is not imported so you get a success message with no noticeable change in the DDL Portlet. What should happen is[exportRecordSet()] should add an additional set of elements to the <record-set> element, namely several entries of an element called
      <record> based upon the list received when one calls[getRecords()].[importRecordSet()] should add processing
      to read in the <record> entries and add them to the database.


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