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Making any changes in Server Administration results in "Forward does not exist" error


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: No Longer Reproducible
    • Affects Version/s: 6.2.0 CE RC1, 6.2.0 CE RC2
    • Fix Version/s: 6.2.0 CE M4
    • Environment:
      Tomcat 7.0 + MySQL 5. + CentOS 6. Portal 6.2.x GIT ID: 0417aee455b0f2f6543d868ba0ead3353fb8ac4e.
      Tomcat 7.0 + MySQL 5. + CentOS 6. Portal ee-6.2.x GIT ID: 3fd050fa7d0a7c9f4b9838686b4fbaa50ca35df0.


      Clicking on any action within Resources tab in Server Administration or clicking Save after making any changes in other tabs results in just the breadcrumbs bar with no other content displayed (see attached screenshot.png). However, the action requested seems to have been performed.

      Looking at the catalina.out logs show an error message such as below:

      14:21:14,277 DEBUG [ajp-bio-8009-exec-1][PortletRequestProcessor:505] Processing path /control_panel_menu/view
      14:21:14,308 DEBUG [ajp-bio-8009-exec-1][PortletRequestProcessor:483] Getting request parameter path /admin_server/edit_server
      14:21:14,308 DEBUG [ajp-bio-8009-exec-1][PortletRequestProcessor:505] Processing path /admin_server/edit_server
      14:21:14,309 ERROR [ajp-bio-8009-exec-1][PortletRequestProcessor:453] Forward does not exist
      14:21:14,320 DEBUG [ajp-bio-8009-exec-1][PortletRequestProcessor:483] Getting request parameter path null
      14:21:14,321 DEBUG [ajp-bio-8009-exec-1][PortletRequestProcessor:488] Getting request attribute path null
      14:21:14,321 DEBUG [ajp-bio-8009-exec-1][PortletRequestProcessor:505] Processing path /dockbar/view

      This is also how I setup the mod_proxy_ajp in Apache:

      <VirtualHost *:80>
      ProxyRequests On
      ProxyPass / ajp://localhost:8009/
      ProxyPassReverse / ajp://localhost:8009/




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