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Dynamic Data List editing clears the attachment uploaded by File Upload option


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      Steps to reproduce are:
      1. As a "Site Owner", Go to control panel >>> Dynamic Data Lists menu.
      2. Select "Manage Data Definitions" and start by adding a new definition.
      3. Lets call our definition as "DD1", It should have 2 fields, one is a "Text" type and another as "File Upload" type, no other changes are required.
      4. Now save the definition "DD1".
      5. On "Dynamic Data Lists" screen click on "Add" to create a new list, lets keep the name as "List 1". And map the definition "DD1" created above to this "List 1".
      6. Now save the List, thus a new list "List 1" is created mapped to the data definition "DD1".
      7. Now add a new record to the list but specifying some text and attaching a file and save it.
      8. Till now everything works fine but the issue comes while editing the record.
      9. Now if you go to this record and open it in edit mode and either just change the text in "Text" field or does nothing and "Publish" the record. It gives you a success message but file or attachments get removed from the record, which is not what is expected as the data should remain their.

      Another use case is seen if I make this "File Upload" as required field and if I try to edit the record the file attached to it, it shows me the attachment but does not allow me to edit then publish again until an unless I provide the file again.


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