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Recent Bloggers does not show corrent amount of posts



      When user 1 has created a blog and saved it as a draft, and user 2 publishes the blog user 1 wrote, the "recent bloggers" portlet does not count this as a post at all (not from user 1 nor from user 2). It is not untill either user 1 publishes this or any other blog himself or untill user 1 is impersonated and using this impersonation publishes a blog, this blog (and other blogs that were published by someone else than the author user 1) will count as posts in the "Recent Bloggers" portlet. How to reproduce:

      1. Create a page
      2. place blogs portlet and recent bloggers portlet
      3. create a blog with user 1 and save it as a draft (not published at all)
      4. log in as a different user and publish this blog -> recent bloggers portlet will remain empty
      5. log in as user 1 again (or impersonate user 1)
      6. publish the blog -> recent bloggers portlet will show user 1 has 1 post




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