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In Activities portlet list the wall activity shows a wrong link to the wall entry



      Experienced behaviour

      In Activities portlet's listings, links which should go to a wall-entry, contains a link ended with '/profile/-/wall/[entry-id]', but there is no such a page.

      Expected behaviour

      Links which points to a wall entry, should point to an existing wall portlet of the user. If user does not have a wall portlet, it should not be a link.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create user1, user2
      2. Deploy social networking portlet
      3. Make user1 and user2 friends
        1. log in as user1
        2. put user1's public page a request and a wall portlets and Friends Activities portlet
        3. log in as user2
        4. go to /web/user2/home, put friends activities portlet and wall portlet
        5. go to /web/user1/home and click on "Add as Friend" on wall portlet
        6. log in as user1 and confirm on Request portlet
      4. write to user1"s wall as user2, and user2's wall as user1
      5. check the links on friends activities portlet's list


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