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IMAP Mailing List configuration for messageboards does not work correctly.(the first folder is not inbox)



      1. Login as the admin user.
      2. As per the screenshots, place a message board portlet on a page.
      3. Change the configuration for the message board portlet as follows:
      3.1 Allow anonymous posting or use a defined user with a known email address for testing.
      3.2 Set-up from address. enter one email address.
      3.3 Enable message added email.
      3.4 Enable message updated email.
      3.5 Scope to GLOBAL.
      4. Create a new category.
      5. Enable mail listing for category, using;
      6.1 IMAP account - in our case it was a Gmail IMAP account. Please refer Mailing_List_Configuration.jpg
      7. Login as a valid test user with an email address that you can monitor.
      8. Subscribe test user to the test category.
      9. Create a new thread within the category as some other test user
      10. Debug code in MailingListMessageListener.java, as the followings
      When using protocol = imap, please see the below test result:

      Folder[] folders = defaultFolder.list(); //folders[6] [Follow up, INBOX, Misc, Priority, Trash, [Gmail]]
      Folder folder = folders[0]; // folder is Follow up

      In 81 line messages = folder.getMessages(); // messages is "".
      Due to the folder is not inbox, so the issue occured.


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