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Workflow breaks when pending Web Content is copied



      Steps to reproduce / testing done:
      1. With one account which is established as a web content publisher, create a web content under a site with a single approval workflow
      2. Login as the approver and go to the control panel --> My Workflow Tasks and assign the submitted web content to the approver by selecting "Assign to me" option
      3. Notice that the newly created content goes into approver's queue for review
      4. Relogin as the content publisher, copy the web content created in #1 and notice that the newly copied web content has the same "pending" status
      5. Login as the approver and go to the control panel. Notice that there is no workflow task created for the copied web content in approver's workflow task view nor tasks assigned to the role

      If the status is copied, then the workflow should be copied as well. Or in the alternative, we should be able to make a copy as "Draft" which will allow the user to resubmit for publication.


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