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Web Content Display - Portlet is unable to add a structure after having searched for structure in Structures i-frame



      1. Add a test page
      2. Add a Web Content Display Portlet
      3. Add a Web Content Structure
      4. Add a Web Content Template Structure
      5. In the Web Content Display portlet, add new web content
      6. Click Select and in the Structure i-frame, search for the Web Content Structure created earlier
      7. Click Choose

      Expected Results: When the user clicks Choose, the structure will successfully be selected for the New Web Content article and will display on the portlet as selected.

      Actual Results: The i-frame automatically closes once the user selects the structure after searching for it, and the structure is not selected for the New Web Content article. No errors appear on the console. A current workaround is to not search for the structure and click Choose next to the structure directly or select it through the Control Panel.


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