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Not able to click on the Organization profile even if the user has view permissions for it



      Steps to reproduce:

      Create a TOP Organization "TestOrg01"
      Create a (regular) Role "TestGeneralRole01" with the following permissions:
      Portal - General -> Go to Control Panel
      Control Panel: Portal - Users and Organization -> Access in Control Panel
      Create a (organization) Role "OrgTest01" with
      Organization Administration - Organization - View permission
      Create a user "TestUser01" with "TestGeneralRole01" and "OrgTest01" Role
      Assign him to "TestOrg01"
      Login with "TestUser01"
      Go to Control Panel -> Users and Organization
      Click on the "TestOrg01" organization
      You can see the Organization's profile -It's OK
      Go back to Control Panel -> Users and Organization
      Click on the "Search All Organization"

      You can see the "TestOrg01" in the list, however you're not able to go to its profile page, unless you give the "Organization Administration - Organization - Update permission" to the "OrgTest01" role.

      Expected behavior: If you have Organization view permission, you should be able to navigate to the organization's profile page, just like in the TOP Level Organization list.

      The problem is in view_flat_organizations.jspf at around line 82:

      if (!OrganizationPermissionUtil.contains(permissionChecker, organization.getOrganizationId(), ActionKeys.MANAGE_USERS) &&
      !OrganizationPermissionUtil.contains(permissionChecker, organization.getOrganizationId(), ActionKeys.UPDATE))

      { rowURL = null; }

      The link is hidden, as the user doesn't have the UPDATE permission.


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