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The theme deploy process always regenerate all the css files



      After the rollback of the LPS-25342 in the LPS-29690 the current behaviour is the described in the title "The theme deploy process always regenerate all the css files"

      The LPS-25342 was incomplete so with this ticket we are going to achive a complete and simple solution for this, the rule will be:
      "Every time we modify a css file in sass format we will regenerate all the css files however if we just modify another kind of file theme (template, javascript, image, etc.) we won't do it"

      NOTE: We tried to regenerate just the modified css files (and their imported files) but the solution was too complex and it was discarded, see LPS-29690 and the pull request:

      Steps to reproduce it:
      1- Create a theme "test" using the sdk from liferay-plugins
      2- Create the file docroot_diffs\css\custom.css inside that theme
      3- Run "ant deploy" task
      4- The sass files are parsed, you can see traces like these:
      [java] Parsed D:/Soporte/sdk/workspace/sdk-6.1.20/themes/test-theme/docroot/css/application.css in 8032 ms
      [java] Parsed D:/Soporte/sdk/workspace/sdk-6.1.20/themes/test-theme/docroot/css/base.css in 1031 ms
      5- Run "ant deploy" task again
      6- Although we haven't modified any css file, the sass files are parsed again, you can see the traces again.

      Expected behaviour: in the step 6 the files are not parsed, no traces are shown.


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