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Social Networking - Viewing Members' Activities with a user whose site membership has been reinstated, throws exceptions



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Deploy social-networking-portlet
      2. Add a user 'test1'
      3. Add a blank site 'SN Members Site' > Save > click <<back
        • Click Actions > Manage Pages > and Add a page 'Members Test Page' > Save
        • Click Actions > Manage Memberships > Add 'test1' to the site (add test/Joe Bloggs if not already added) > Save
      4. Go to > SN Member Site
        • Add 'Members' and 'Members Activities' portlets to page
      5. Add Page 'Message Boards Test Page'
        • Add 'Message Boards' portlet
      6. In the portlet, add Category 'Category1'
        • Click Actions next to 'Category1' > Permissions
        • Flag all permissions for Site Member
      7. Sign out as test > sign in as test1
      8. Go to > SN Member Site > Message Boards Test Page
      9. Click Category1 > Post New Thread > 'Thread1'/Content > Publish
      10. Click Members Test Page
        • Assert 'test1' wrote a new message board post
      11. Sign out > sign in as test/test
      12. Assert 'Thread1' displays in MB > Move it to Recycle Bin
      13. Sign out
      14. Sign in as test1 > Navigage to SN Members Site > Members Test Page

      Expected behavior: test1 user will see the Activity for moving the post to the Recycle Bin in the Members' Activities portlet.

      Actual behavior: test1 user will see "There are no recent activities" in the portlet, and a console exception is thrown (see attached log).


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