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Content of a field is lost if we change the structure field name



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to control panel -> web content.
      2. Create a structure and add a text field.
      3. Create a template for this structure.
      4. Create a web content with the structure.
      5. Go to manage -> structures, edit the structure and change the field name.
      6. Edit the web content.

      We can see that the value of the field has been lost.

      The optimal solution would be to fix all the articles and templates, but that will requiere a lot of work and will be done as part of this other story: LPS-34729

      For this release, we will at least warn the user in the following way:

      • If there are templates for this structure, we should warn the user that templates need to be updated if a field is renamed or removed.
      • If there are web content created for this structure, we should warn the user that the renamed field will be removed from all the web content.


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