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Not Found Site Member's Activity in "My Sites" of Activity as user group member login



      1. Go to control panel, create one User Group "user group".
      2. Create one user "hai" and assign the the user "hai" to user group. In the meantime, the user didn't be assigned to any site.
      3. Click Site MemberShips in Liferay Site, assign the admin "test" user to Liferay Site.
      4. Assign the user group to liferay site. In the meantime, the user "hai" has been assigned to the Liferay Site automatically, we may see the two members when click View Members.
      5. Use admin add one page in Liferay, and then add the message boards portlet in the page.
      6. Use user "hai" log in, and then post one new thread.
      7. User user "hai" and then click dashboard->My Sites
      I won't see site member's activity in "My Sites"


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