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Default language of new web content with default values should be user language, not default content language



      Reproducable scenario

      1. Log in as an administrator
      2. Set your profile's language to English
      3. Create a web content structure
      4. Add default values for your structure. The default language for this default content will be English
      5. Change your language to Dutch
      6. Go to the structures tab, select "Add Web Content" for the just created structure. Alternatively, create a Web Content from an Asset Publisher which is configured to show only articles with the just created structure.

      Expected behavior
      The default language is initialized to Dutch, because this is the current language of the user.

      Actual behavior
      The default language is initialized to English, because it is taken from the default content. See image attached. This is undesired behavior. The default language should always be initialized to the current language of the user, regardless of the available "default content" language(s).

      The problem doesn't occur if you start by creating Basic Web Content and then select a structure in the edit article screen.




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