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Web Content Search - Searching for a Web Content by tag returns no results in both generic Web Content search and Web Content Search portlet


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to > Control Panel > Web Content
      2. Add a Basic WC with a couple tags: 'tag1' 'tag2' > Publish
      3. Search for tag1 and tag2 in the generic WC search bar (upper right hand corner of portlet - see screenshot)
      4. Click '<- Back to Liferay' > Add a Page 'test page'
      5. Navigate to test page > Add 'Web Content Search' and 'Search' portlets
      6. In WCS portlet, search for 'tag1' and 'tag2'
        • Assert "No pages were found that matched the keywords: tag1" (the same for 'tag2') > Return to Full Page
      7. In the Search portlet, search for the same tags, and for 'tag' to assert individual and aggregate searching works for the search portlet.

      Expected result:
      Searching for the tags in a Web Content will work properly in the generic WC search, the Web Content Search portlet, and the Search portlet.

      Actual result:
      The generic WC search and the Web Content Search portlet don't find the tags associated with their created Basic WC.


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