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Email From Name is actually bind to MAIL_TO not MAIL_FROM in WebContent Configuration



      Email From Name is actually bind to MAIL_TO not MAIL_FROM in WebContent Configuration
      1. Make sure that we have deployed the kaleo-web and enable workflow on web content with 'single approver'.
      2. Add a new user (Emma) and give the user the administrator role.
      3. Log in as 'emma.liu@liferay.com'.
      4. Navigate to the Web content in control panel and make sure the current user has subscribed the web content module.(In trunk, I can not subscribe the web content.)-> Click on configuration icon on the right top
      5. In the 'Email From' tag, fill into name 'AAA' and mail address 'AAA@liferay.com'.
      6. Click save.
      7. Move to 'Web Content Requested Email' tag and check 'Enabled' checkbox -> Save.
      8. Also make sure the configuration of mail server settings are correct.
      9. Add a new web content. The title is 'test-title'.
      And then in 'AAA@liferay.com', we can get a new email with a subject as 'Web Content: Article Approval Requested for ...'. The following is the whole email content:

      "Dear AAA,

      This is an autogenerated email for the Web Content portlet.

      Please approve my article with the ID 10601 and version 1.0 and title test-title.

      My article can be found at:


      Emma Liu

      Expected behavior: The subscribers could get an email notification. In the email, '[$TO_NAME$]' should be the subscriber and the value of '[$FROM_NAME$]' should be the value that we set in the web content configuration page.




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