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Email From Name is actually bind to MAIL_TO not MAIL_FROM in WebContent Configuration


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      Email From Name is actually bind to MAIL_TO not MAIL_FROM in WebContent Configuration
      1. Make sure that we have deployed the kaleo-web and enable workflow on web content with 'single approver'.
      2. Add a new user (Emma) and give the user the administrator role.
      3. Log in as ''.
      4. Navigate to the Web content in control panel and make sure the current user has subscribed the web content module.(In trunk, I can not subscribe the web content.)-> Click on configuration icon on the right top
      5. In the 'Email From' tag, fill into name 'AAA' and mail address ''.
      6. Click save.
      7. Move to 'Web Content Requested Email' tag and check 'Enabled' checkbox -> Save.
      8. Also make sure the configuration of mail server settings are correct.
      9. Add a new web content. The title is 'test-title'.
      And then in '', we can get a new email with a subject as 'Web Content: Article Approval Requested for ...'. The following is the whole email content:

      "Dear AAA,

      This is an autogenerated email for the Web Content portlet.

      Please approve my article with the ID 10601 and version 1.0 and title test-title.

      My article can be found at:


      Emma Liu"

      Expected behavior: The subscribers could get an email notification. In the email, '[$TO_NAME$]' should be the subscriber and the value of '[$FROM_NAME$]' should be the value that we set in the web content configuration page.


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