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Site template page import causes ConstraintViolation



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a Site Template.
      2. Create a Site with this Template (leave "Enable propagation of changes from the site template." checked).
      3. Create a new page "My Page" for the Site and add a Web Content Display portlet.
      4. Create a new page for the Site Template with the same name and add an Asset Publisher portlet.
      5. You will get a "ConstraintViolationException".

      Steps to test the solution:

      1. Go through steps to reproduce 1 to 4.
      2. Notice that:

      • No exception is thrown.
      • Page "My Page" in the site contains the Web Content Display portlet.
      • No "My Page" page containg an Asset Publisher portlet has been added to the site.

      4. Add a new page "My Second Page" to the Site Template and then visit the site. Check that new page, which has no friendly-url conflicts with any existing page in the site, has been propagated to the site.
      3. Go to Site Settings. Under the "Enable propagation of changes from the site template X" an alert message is displayed together with a list of the pages which friendly url is in conflict with pages from the site template ("My Page" in our case). See attached screenshot.
      4. Click the page name in the list to follow the link to the edit page view.
      5. Edit the friendly url of the page and click save.
      6. Go back to Site Settings. Notice that the alert message is no longer displayed.
      7. Navigate the site. Notice that there are two "My Page" pages now. One contains the Web Content Display portlet (that's the original site page) and the other contains the Asset Publisher portlet (that's the one propagated from the Site Template).


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