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Upgrading Image Gallery to 6.1: permissions for images and image folders are not properly upgraded USING SHARDING



      This problem was fixed in the issue LPS-30167 for regular environments but it's still reproducible in sharding environments for the non default shard database.

      Steps to reproduce it:
      1- Config a sharding environment for 6.0.12
      2- Starup the portal
      3- Create 3 portal instances
      4- Access to every instance and create one image in each one with the default permissions (Guest has the view permission)
      5- Stop the portal
      6- Migrate to 6.1.20 with the fix packs installed (or to 6.2.x)
      7- The following traces are shown in the log for the second and the third shard:
      Resource actions do not exist for com.liferay.portlet.imagegallery.model.IGImage
      Resource actions do not exist for com.liferay.portlet.imagegallery.model.IGFolder

      8- Check the images, just the one in the default shard keeps the view permission for Guest.

      NOTE: After the changes it's unable to verify the step 8 because its bloced by the LPS-34596


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