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As site administrator, I should be able to define that the calendar of my site should present the events in the timezone of the user's browser.


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      When one goes to the calendar portlet's configuration window, there is an option which, when checked, configures the calendar to present all events in UTC time. So, for example, if it is checked, an event one has to attend at 04:00 PM in Los Angeles it will be shown at 09:00 AM.

      This option probably not relevant or desirable:

      1. More important than showing events in GMT is to show events at the timezone of the user. It can be very confusing to the user to see an event in an arbitrary timezone.
        • As an example of the general confusion, one can try this: in a GMT-timed calendar, create an event one hour after the current moment, with a reminder to be sent 55 minutes before the event. If the timezone of the browser is not GMT, the reminder will not arrive at its mailbox at the expected time and can as well never arrive.
      2. A calendar which is consulted by people at different regions would show the events at the most convenient time for its various users.
      3. The administrator can choose GMT as the timezone of the calendar from the list of timezones also available in the configuration window.

      So, I believe it would be a very welcomed improvement to allow the calendar to use the browser's timezone.




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