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SiteMinder AutoLogin doesn't switch to next LDAP server



      1. Setup 2 LDAP servers with a common user to both.
      2. Test that each server works, and that the user can log via both servers.
      3. Setup SiteMinder Header injection via Apache Web Server (have VM)
      4. Setup Liferay to use both LDAP (two servers) and Siteminder
      5. Login via Apache. The user should be auto logged in via the SM header.
      6. Invalidate the first server so that the IP is incorrect to simulate the server going down.
      7. Retest with Web Server login.

      Note: Will probably need to delete user in Liferay. between tests

      Result: User is not logged in, and hits the login screen or an unauthenticated page. Log shows that it can't reach LDAP server, and can't log in user because it's unknown.
      Expected: When the portal can't authenticate against the first server, the SM login hook should move to the second one.

      Without SM, the it goes sequentially down the list of LDAP servers (not able to reproduce) but once the SM login hook is invoked, it doesn't move to the 2nd server if the 1st server is down.


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