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PACL does not allow launching java from a plugin



      My MarketPlace plugin would spawn java to compile the Vaadin widgetset.

      In unix/linux/macos this would be "java" as defined by $JAVA_HOME/bin/java, $JRE_HOME/bin/java, or just 'java' found in the system path.

      In windows this would be "java.exe" as defined by %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe, %JRE_HOME%\bin\java.exe, or just 'java.exe' found in the system path.

      Security manager references in liferay-plugin-package.properties should allow me to indicate I am executing 'java', but not force me to indicate full path (as each end system may have different version, different path, etc.).

      A more generic use case is that the plugin depends on installed software on the system, available as a simple command but uses the system's facilities to launch (i.e. needs to run the 'diff' command to create a patch file, but 'diff'/'diff.exe' could be anywhere on the system and plugin has no knowledge of where it is actually running from).


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