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Web content doesn't appear in the Home view after version upgrade



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start up 6.1.20 bundle
      2. Create a Structure
        • Add a Text field named 'text'
        • Add a Text Box field named 'text_box'
      3. Create a Template based on the structure, using the lines below in Launch Editor
        • <p>$text.getData()</p>
      4. Create a WC based on the structure --> put something memorable in each field
      5. Shut Down 6.1.20 bundle
      6. Make sure to add the following line in portal-ext for the 6.2.X bundle (and make sure the Home folder is the same directory as the 6.1.20 Home folder directory):
      7. Without changing or deleting anything else, startup the 6.2.X bundle
      8. Go to > Control Panel > Web Content
      9. Assert that the Structure and Template transferred properly in the upgrade
      10. Note: the WC article is only found in the filter tab for the structure which was created in 6.1.20 (see screenshots).

      Expected result:
      WC will be present in both the Structure filter and the Home filter.

      Actual result:
      WC is only present in the Structure filter.


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